Rachel Brask

Rachel Brask is a Rhode Island abstract expressionist oil-painter with impressionist tendencies, whose favorite subjects are textured color and the juxtaposition of spontaneity and structure, organic flow and geometric limits.
She has been painting for over ten years since she first connected her brain to her brush, and her head to her heart. Rachel’s passion for sharing the art process is coupled with her outreach to help others understand common misperceptions about abstract art — equipping them with more ways to respect it, and even embrace it as a form of expression for themselves.
Rachel is an active member of the Rhode Island art community, serving on the communications committee for Art League Rhode Island, volunteering with the Pawtucket Arts Collaborative, and participating in AIGA and the Graphic Artists Guild. Rachel earned a B.A. in Art from Houghton College, with concentrations in painting, graphic design and photography.
Rachel is also a graphic designer and program educator. Rachel and her husband reside in the Providence metro area of Rhode Island. Rachel creates original oil paintings, teaches art lessons, and is currently accepting commissions for paintings.

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