Patrick Conlon

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Patrick ConlonCanadian-American violinist and composer Patrick Conlon has been highly praised for both his artistry as a composer and his playing as concertmaster, chamber musician, and soloist. A genre-busting musician in every sense of the word, Patrick Conlon’s compositions have been described as “bridging the gap between classical music’s ivory tower intellectualism and popular music’s visceral sensualism.”
As a composer and violinist he has performed and written for the Los Angeles New Music Ensemble, Akouo Ensemble, the ArkansasPatrick Conlon Symphony, Scissortail Productions, Trio Encantado, OKMove, the Paul Bailey Ensemble, Soundcat, AMP, More Than Music, and many others. In addition to his classical compositions, his extensive experience recording and orchestrating for popular and commercial music can be seen in his collaborations with Other Lives, Princeton, Space4Lease, Puntastic Productions, and Good King Friday.
Patrick Conlon is currently the Assistant Director of The Academy of Contemporary Music at the University of Central Oklahoma and teaches courses in Film Scoring, Songwriting and Demo Building, and Applied Composition.

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