MJ Morgan

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MJ MorganMJ Morgan is an award winning photographer whose work reveals his love for people and his passion for life. His creative vision, fluid style, and sensitivity combined with his natural ability to make his subjects feel at ease in front the lens is what earns him so many of his clients. MJ’s natural and fun approach frees his subjects to be themselves, revealing their true personalities and emotions. His images are beautiful, personalized, …fresh.”
Morgan loves to make great photographs of people being themselves and creating an environment that is relaxed and fun. His personal vision is to bring to life your whole story from behind the scenes, to the nature of your personality, to the scene setters, to the truly obvious. He wants to capture a complete story that will forever be a reminder of your true feelings at this time in your life.MJ Morgan
Morgan is blessed with two amazing little girls and a wonderful wife. This family started at the altar before God, his family, and friends on a beautiful February wedding day. This day will forever be the beginning of mine and Sherilyn’s life together.
Not only do he re-lives that day each time he makes an image, he also takes a glimpse into the future to the days when he is again at the altar, but this time to give his own daughters away in marriage. Morgan is constantly inspired and reminded that he is blessed. Blessed to have a wonderful family and blessed to be able to do the thing that he has a true passion for!

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