MiraMira began writing music when she was very young, for an unusual reason. Due to swelling of the brain caused by a bout of bacterial meningitis at age 7, she suffered short-term memory loss which left her frequently unable to remember her teacher’s name, her bus stop, or what she did in school that day. Mira’s doctors recommended using music as a way to forge new pathways to memory.
Mira started putting everything that she needed to remember, to music. Music became a crucial part of her everyday life and helped her get her memory back. She used to put math formulas and locker combinations to music. As she grew older, she was constantly singing a tune to help her remember something: directions, a grocery list, or an ice-cream order while employed at the whippy dip. She relied on music; she still does. She can’t imagine where she would be without it.
Mira began her training in Classical music at the tender age of 10 and received a full scholarship at Xavier University to study vocal performance. Midway through school she moved on to sing many other genres, including pop. Her pop demos caught the attention of six-time Grammy Award winning producer, Jimmy Hoyson and they recorded her EP in Los Angeles, California at Ocean Studios. Mira’s EP includes five songs she wrote, featuring such notable musicians as Laurence Juber from Paul McCartney’s ‘Wings’, Chad Wackerman, Domenic Genova, and Jim Cox. These songs showcase Mira’s unique and powerful voice through tight acoustic arrangements, with catchy pop sensibility and youthful energy.
Mira isMira known for her versatility in both writing and singing many different genres, and collaborates with other notable artists. After several collaborations with the infamous musician and producer, Fool’s Chaos on SoundCloud and their music being featured on Guitar Center’s radio show ‘Connections made by Guitar Center’ hosted by Nic Harcourt, there has been a lot of buzz about Mira. Together they have combined acoustic and electronica genres, even incorporating metal and opera into their tracks.
Mira’s debut album was released on Sunday, February 18, 2018 with a show at the Woodward Theater in Cincinnati. It has been receiving great reviews.

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