Michelle Negron

Michelle NegronA native of Puerto Rico and long time Florida resident, Michelle Negron started her passionate career through a High school culinary program called Pro-start. While in the program, Michelle gained industry experience as a prep cook at the Gaylord Palms Hotel in Orlando, FL. After 4 yrs of hard work and involvement in several competitions, it came time to graduate and on the top of her list was Johnson & Wales University. Michelle earned a dual AS in culinary and baking and pastry. She then went on to receive a BS in culinary arts.
During her first year at Johnson & Wales University Michelle became involved in one of the top culinary volunteer programs on campus. Competed in her first college competition the S. Pellegrino Almost Famous Chef where she was judged by culinary professionals one of them being local chef Tim Andriola. She was also offered the opportunity to become a member of the Leadership Team (Culinary student Assistant), which she was part of all 6 yrs of her college journey. For her culinary internship, Michelle was given the chance to go abroad and did her Internship at Gescellschafthaus in Ludwigshafen, Germany, which is a part of the BASF Company. During her time there she couldn’t resist but to constantly visit the pastry station. After weeks of requesting, Michelle was granted permission to work at the pastry station. And in her time there was where Michelle realized that she wanted to expand her knowledge and go into the AS Baking & Pastry. Michelle became engrossed in the art of pastry, the beauty of the work, making it all look so elegant … and it was noted that this was definably one of her talents. That summer Michelle was awarded the Distinguished Visiting Chef Scholarship Where a local chef presented a full coursed meal. That year it was Local co-owner of Timo Restaurant Chef Tim Andriola.In the next year and a half, Michelle devoted her Life to Pastry. Not only in class but also at work. She was the only pastry student assistant so she was at a higher demand. During that year Michelle composed demos, competitions, andMichelle Negron public demonstrations like the international chocolate festival at the fair child botanical garden. The most successful competition was the Pastry and Culinary JWU Iron chef that is still held every year to this day. For her Pastry Internship Michelle opened herself up do another section of the pastry world. The wonderfully world of extravagant cake. Local Bakery owner Lucila Mendes of Sweet arts by Lucila gave Michelle the opportunity to work side by side with her very artistic staff. From that moment on there was no going back. Michelle new that the pastry world was for her. Here Michelle was confronted with a big challenge. She wanted to continue with the pastry world but had come with a goal and that was to not leave without a BS in Culinary arts. Michelle continued her culinary BS education but pastry was not far from her mind. In every opportunity you would find her working with the desserts and baked good. When it came time to do her culinary BS internship she was informed that a local restaurant was looking for interns. Timo Restaurant in Sunny Isles FL. After a year and a half of working in the kitchen but still showing her love for pastry, Michelle was given the grand opportunity to become Pastry Chef.

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