Maggie Mae

Maggie MaeMaggie Mae is a singer-songwriter who’s had music around her since before she was born. Her parents formed a bluegrass band in college, and she fondly recalls strumming the guitar with her dad while he would form the chords. Growing up, she wrote songs and recorded them on her karaoke machine. Her first album was a 9-song tape cassette. Over the years, she picked up the guitar and piano quite a bit, and began writing songs and playing seriously at the age of 13.
After years of contemplating her life path, she decided to go to school for music. During this time, she went to school for Music Performance by day and played open mics by night. Her years in an advanced music program are what spurred her to hone in on her finger-picking skills, and build her knowledge of theory and multiple different genres to write more complex, unique songs. It was here, at County College of Morris, that she also learned the mandolin under the direction of Todd Collins, and occasionally picked up the banjo. Maggie Mae blends many different styles of music, and is not quite sure what to call herself. Pulling her influences from folk, blues, jazz, bluegrass, classic rock, ambient, classical, and various singer-songwriters, she tells her story with a very uniqueMaggie Mae

 sound and clear, honest, and poetic lyrics. Her sound has been compared to that of Amos Lee, Jack Johnson, and Martin Sexton.
Maggie Mae is also a certified Yoga teacher, hoop dance & fire poi performer, fashion designer, and jewelry maker.

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