Km Oswalt

Km Oswalt is a flutist from Houston, Texas. She is currently a student going for a Degree in Music Education. But she’ll start from the beginning. Since Oswalt was little she always wanted to play music. She started out in piano when she was five and has performed in multiple recitals since then.
When she was going into middle school it was either go into percussion or choose a different instrument, so she ended up choosing the flute. In her junior year of high school she quit theband and tried to pursue other things that would be better for her future. When she got into college it was a struggle trying to figure out what she wanted to do with her life. So after a while, she came to the realization that she would get back into music and pursue it as a career. A year and a half ago Oswalt started to pick up drums to expand her field in intruments and also in the mean time she has started to play the piano again. As of right now Oswalt is trying to get into the music program in Texas A&M in Corpus Christi. She can’t wait to get there and start learning new things!!!

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