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Josh McCullockJosh is a proud husband of 12 years and a Dad to 2 young boys. He has always been a person with multiple interests. Sometimes to a fault. His wife calls him a compulsive hobbyist. He loves learning new things and photography was one of those things so long ago. He found the practice of photography in college. He fell in love with gritty photojournalism and street photography. He was drawn to the unscripted, human element of the genre. He started photographing weddings in 2004 and was immediately taken with the way each family was a new story to explore. He is constantly trying to grow in his craft, and he has been able to teach photography at the university level over the past few years. In those classes he emphasizes to his students that technical perfection is only half of a good photograph. The real power of a photo is in how it makes you feel. That’s what he brings with him to each wedding. In the past 12 years he has photographed over 300 weddings around the US.
He has learned something new at each one. Every couple, every family dynamic, every challenge, has taught him something that he takes with him to the next wedding. In the end, that’s what he loves about what he does. he gets to give something valuable to a new family and bring something valuable back to his family. His family is everything to him. They give him the courage and the motivation to keep growing as a photographer and a business owner. They’re the reason he brings so much intentionality to his work. Josh and his wife, Katie live on a farm in Arcadia, Ok. with their boys (Gavin 7 and Fischer 4).Josh McCullock They value good food, and try to raise as much of their own food as possible.
They’ve taken a bit of a different road over the past few years in order to find more freedom as a family. In 2013 they sold their dream home in OKC and moved into an Airstream travel trailer for a year while he built their farmhouse. They’ve embraced living simply and the slower pace that comes from living outside the bustle of the city. They love to travel as a family and he often arranges to bring his family to many of his wedding destinations outside of OK. They are always scheming on their next trip to Colorado or California! But Oklahoma will always be home. They love OKC, and the way it feels like a big city and a small town all at once.

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