Jorge & Nicole

Jorge & NicoleJorge & Nicole is a husband & wife acoustic guitar & bass duo based out of San Antonio, TX. Jorge has been playing guitar & singing since he was a teenager in high school for his church. His musical background and heritage goes back even further. His grandfather and great-grandfather were both professional musicians from Mexico. In fact Jorge’s first words were not spoken but sung. His first steps in music began in both middle and high school band playing the trombone. He began to learn to sing and play guitar in order to lead praise & worship songs that were growing in popularity at local church youth camps. Jorge’s thirst for learning more about music and guitar began to lead him to seek more knowledge and broaden his horizons. Michael Hedges and Phil Keaggy became his first big influences with their fingerstyle guitar playing while employing innovative techniques such as slap harmonics, percussive effects and two-hand tapping. Hedges also inspired Jorge to acquire and learn how to play the harp guitar; a unique acoustic instrument that combines the acoustic guitar with “floating” non-fretted bass strings. It was around this time that Jorge met, fell in love with and married Nicole, who at the time was simply a big fan of music including her introduction to Hedges’ music.
After hearing about her interest in learning to play the bass guitar, some church friends gave Nicole a bass guitar as a wedding gift. Her start in playing the bass began in 2002 playing some simple praise & worship songs as well as Christmas carols. For the first few years she did not do much with the bass and occasionally played it in spurts. Nicole’s musical growth began to take off with the formation of her first band, Adamina in 2010. Adamina include Jorge & Nicole as well as theJorge & Nicole band’s co-founder Hector Gomez and was heavily influenced by the Gipsy Kings and Ottmar Liebert. The current hiatus of Hector led to the formation of the dynamic duo known as Jorge & Nicole.
Nicole now plays the acoustic bass guitar as well as the acoustic fretless bass guitar and is deeply influenced by Michael Manring and Jon Gagan. The bands musical format includes a vast array of musical styles and settings. They have performed in both religious and nonreligious settings. They have lead praise music at worship services, youth events as well as performed at wedding ceremonies and receptions. They have also been employed in funeral services.
They have played at private parties, benefits, fundraisers, grand openings, restaurants, networking events, corporate events, coffee houses and festivals.

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