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Jill TiongcoAuthentic, timeless, and romantic wedding photography is their jam. They like to take beautiful photos a step further and do something creative, shoot it differently than your average photographer. They LOVE emotion. They all wear their hearts on their sleeves so they love a couple that does, too. Their couples aren’t afraid to get close – in fact, they love snuggling up to each other and often sneak in little kisses between the clicks of their shutters.
Jill started this company over seven years ago and has since expanded the team to include four other amazing ladies who have either worked with her second shooting or lead shooting for the past few years. When she started shooting – she didn’t know where this business would take her. She didn’t even know it was turning into a business. It all happened naturally. She did something, she liked it, so she kept doing it. She kept learning, creating, collaborating – working on things she loved and cutting out things she didn’t. And then one day, weddings and lifestyle became her specialties. Working with people, telling their stories, and documenting moments. Those are the things that shined through – those are the things that, for her, made sense to photograph.Jill Tiongco
Outside of photography – Jill loves to travel and explore the unknown. But she also loves sitting on the couch sandwiched between her boyfriend and two cats. Cooking is like therapy to her – and she also can’t say no to a night out trying a new restaurant in Chicago. She’s a lover of her friends and family – loyal to the bone. She always says she’d move out west to live in the mountains if she could leave her family behind – but she just can’t. So here she is– in Chicago, living in Logan Square, doing the midwest thing… and she can’t complain because she really does believe Chicago is one of the best cities in the world.
Nicki loves taking photos. She was drawn to photography because of her passion for preserving real life moments. After your wedding day, the photos are the only tangible evidence of one of the happiest days of your life. Her style is to tell your story through classic elements and candid moments. She’s not only shooting photos for you now, but tell your story so your grandkids will feel like they were at your wedding day. From the moment you put on your dress to the moment you kick off your shoes and dance your face off, she’ll be there capturing the moments in between.
Nicki started working with Jill in 2015 as a third shooter for her JTP weddings. As she progressed, she graduated to being a primary second shooter, and for the past two years she’s been shooting weddings as a lead team photographer. What she loves most about taking photos are the moments that are captured – and she can’t wait to tell the story of your wedding day.
Lex is an avid yogi, mama-to-be, and a team photographer for Jill Tiongco Photography. She is based in Yarmouth, Maine but travels all over the greater New England area, and lives in Chicago in the winters. Jill TiongcoShe is a hybrid photographer, shooting both film and digital, to create beautiful and timeless images. She has a special fondness for intimate and non-traditional weddings. She is inspired by natural light, outdoor ceremonies, and the beautiful Maine coast. Being out on the ocean is her happy place and she believes sunshine is good for the soul. After graduating from Northeastern University in Boston with a BFA in Digital Media, Lex worked as a graphic designer, bridesmaid stylist, wedding photographer assistant, and second shooter. Her job as a photographer allows her to witness the joy in your relationship, and the sweetness of your love story. She never ceases to be moved by these moments.
Sarah is a super candid gal with a deep love for all people, and excitement for the world around her. She has been most accurately described as a human golden retriever. She loves taking care of others, and originally went to school for hospitality management. After working within the hospitality industry for a few years, she realized she was missing her creative outlet. She wanted to put art into the world, while raising others up. She decided to become a full-service wedding photographer and has been spoiling her couples ever since! A large source of her happiness stems from turning strangers into friends, and helping these friends preserve their most treasured moments.
She is based out of Villa Park, Illinois, and puts her heart into taking care of Jill’s suburban couples. She knows how important your wedding day memories are, so she takes her job very seriously. If you’re looking for a photographer with the drive of a New Yorker and the heart of a Hawaiian, she’s your gal!
Hanna grew up with a mother who was a film photographer and with a Pentax K1000 hanging around her neck, it took Hanna until she was in high school to realize photography was her true calling. She has never looked back and her passion for her art just grows and deepens every day.
Even though she has been shooting weddings for 5 years, each and every couple is special to her and every wedding day is unique. What makes her job so amazingly fulfilling to me is getting to capture that uniqueness; to catch and preserve those tiny moments and details, that special glance, the gust of wind in your veil, your mother’s hands as she laces your dress.Woodbridge
There is beauty in the smallest and quietest moments that tell your love story in a way that only you can and she is here to help you preserve your story. She is inspired by true-life love stories, looking for fresh perspectives and by the magic of light and shadow. She has a wanderlust spirit, crave adventure and love surprises. She recently shot a gorgeous wedding in Guatemala and fell completely head-over- heels in love with that beautiful country. She is now slowly teaching herself Spanish. Most importantly, she is absolutely and totally in loves with what she does. And she will work her hardest to be sure that you are, too.

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