Jarrod Robinson

Saxophonist, Jarrod “Smooth” Robinson is a native of Atlanta, Georgia. From an early age creativity was in threaded in his identity. His love for soulful music started from when he was a child. The first jazz album Smooth listen to was “Live to Love” by saxophonist, Gerald Albright. At the age of sixteen, Jarrod Robinson’s ambitious journey of being a musician began. After his family recognized his love for jazz , he received his very own alto saxophone. He began to perfect his craft by listening to John Coltrane, Miles Davis and Kirk Whalum to name a few. Jarrod Robinson, later became a student at Georgia Southern University, where he played as lead saxophonist at church. Jarrod began sharing his gift in various inspirational activities with his church and community. In 2005, Jarrod “Smooth” Robinson released his first collaborative production entitled “Smooth”. You will find this up and coming multi instrumental jazz artist inspirational, expressive and soultry.

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