Garo Demirjian

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Garo DemirjianGaro Demirjian was born into a family of fine goldsmiths. The generations of knowledge he possesses culminates in the works of art molded by his creative hands. Demirjian blends his knowledge of old world and modern technology into a fusion of elegance and style – a formula sure to be compatible with current tastes. He never cuts corners with regard to the amount of time spent in bringing a design to fruition, nor does he sidestep the time-honored methods necessary for ensuring that his creations are produced according to the traditions of centuries past.
Since the opening of his Demirjian Jewelry Design boutique in 2000, Garo and his wife Linda welcome new faces, as well as established clients, offering advice on a piece already on display, or to translate a client’s dream into reality. Clients can commission a personally designed piece or choose from a superb collection of works of art that Demirjian has already created. His designs are brought to fruition In platinum or gold, following traditions that are timeless among fine jewelry artisans. Only the highest quality gems are selected for each piece. Demirjian pieces are stylish without being ostentatious. A passion for excellence and integrity is what gives Demirjian jewelry the added level of distinction expected by theGaro Demirjian discriminating consumer.
It is his fervent wish that more people become exposed to a level of craftsmanship which surpasses the accepted standards of jewelry design. Demirjian has achieved the pinnacle of his craft. Garo Demirjian was also recognized from his peers in the jewelry industry receiving five consecutive Spectrum Awards. This prestigious award is North America’s premier honor for colored gemstone jewelry design, sponsored annually by the American Gem Trade Association. Achieving this level of mastery speaks to his innate talent, and years of training in the finest, traditions making him a rare star in the field of jewelry designers.

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