Franklin and Brianne

Goa, inc.

Franklin and BrianneFranklin and Brianne, a husband and wife photography team. They spend their days traveling and photographing passionately in love couples, around the world. For them, photography is the most beautiful form of art, and they love to capture real moments. They Franklin and Briannespecialize in telling their love story with as much detail as they can, and they like to pay attention to the little things. Franklin is amazing at getting people to laugh and be comfortable.
He puts everything he has into his work, and it shows. He is such a talented photographer, and Brianne loves that she is married to him and works beside him everyday. Brianne is the most talented person, and photographer Franklin has ever met. Her attention to capturing every little detail of each wedding is amazing. He couldn’t be more blessed to be married to his best friend, who just so happens to be his favorite photographer as well!

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