Erin Anderson

Hotel Amar

Erin AndersonErin Anderson is a rock singer/songwriter from Muskogee, Oklahoma whose goal as an artist is to fill the void she sees in modern music, drawing on the extreme and uncompromising position that was once held by dynamic artists such as Tori Amos and PJ Harvey. With a goal to write music that is not only complex, but affecting on a spiritual level, Anderson endeavours to inspire and move people through what she considers her sharpest tools: her words and her voice.
Although a classically-trained pianist – a talent that continues to inform her sound – she taught herself to play guitar, which has since become her primary instrument. After years as the frontwoman for Chicago-based synth/shoegaze band The Rosen Association, Erin found herself struggling to stand out as an individual amongst the layers of noise and subsequently sought a new challenge. That challenge manifestedErin Anderson itself in travelling to Europe, specifically to Paris where she studied for a year, and she searched for the substance she needed to write her personal songs.
After living in Paris, she moved to New York before taking a break from city life to finish putting together material for her debut album. She is currently joined in a live setting and in recordings by longtime friend and collaborator Brandon “Juice” Kirts on percussion, and her brother, Brett Anderson, on bass. Recordings have been engineered by Scott Kerr.

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