Dress Up Wine Down 2018

California’s Capital City was happy to host its fourth Dress Up Wine Down event on Capitol Avenue, in the city’s very own Handle District. The annual fashion and wine event is put on through the collaboration of the Lodi Winegrape Commission (LOCA) and Sacramento Fashion Week (SACFW). This year’s event raised just under $5k for Women Escaping a Violent Environment (WEAVE). The outdoor event was held this year on second Saturday, which fell on May 12th. The event shutdown Capitol Avenue between 19th and 18th streets, with over a dozen wineries from one of the world’s fastest-growing wine regions. Winery collaboration was thoughtfully provided by the LOCA. SACFW founder and producer, Duane Ram, and his crew oversaw the fashion show presentation and said this is one of the more fun events that he enjoys doing most. “Compared to SACFW, this event is not as stressful. Granted, I have less to oversee, but we did cast over 30 models for the [Dress Up Wine Down] show, which is more than what we had last year.”
Not only were there over 30 models to manage, but an extensive team who were tasked with dressing, styling, and getting the models ready to walk the 40 foot runway. “I really enjoyed it. The atmosphere was really chill and relaxed. The boutiques and designers that participated were amazing! Such a great way to kick off the summer season.” – Grace Sanders, Model.
Allure Salon & Spa joined the event this year, slaying the model’s hair; while Karina Martin served face as the makeup lead, along with her awesome squad of MUAs. By the time the models left Allure and headed to the venue to get dressed, they were looking picture perfect. “The event is a great Spring/Summer community event that makes me happy to be able to bring talented fashion to.” – Dave Alcarez, Model Coordinator. Much of this talented fashion came in the form of the uniquely gifted designers, which were showcased alongside the trendy designs of the participating local boutiques.
Featured designers were Richard Hallmarq and Ken Adams. Featured boutiques included Ladybuggz Boutique, Heart Boutique, Getta Clue store, and Felicia Strati Boutique. “Five years ago, I was asked to be one of the fashion directors in the Handle District. I was a representative of fashion and retail elements in the district. As an entrepreneur myself, I thought it would be a great idea to bring a collective of fashion and artistic creativity together unanimously for the betterment of the community as a whole! It is and always should be a team effort to awaken the spirit of community and giving to excel the local common good.
Fashion is life and collective effort is the only way to convey the beauty of our industry as a whole!” – Felicia Strati, Fashion Director Hats off (or on!) to another successful year of a fashionable charity event that continues to bring some of Sacramento’s best out to enjoy a beautiful day in the heart of midtown. We look forward to seeing many more community events like this to come as the city continues to grow.

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