Dan Meadows

Dan MeadowsDan Meadows began taking photographs in 1979. His interest in hiking, climbing, backpacking, and the outdoors took him to some very scenic places. What began as a way to document trips turned into a passion for photography. Dan believes that the beauty of nature points use to something deeper. Photography does the same thing. It should cause our minds and emotions to long for deeper things. His training has come from attending courses and workshops taught by some of the world’s finest photographers. Much of his technical knowledge has come from reading the books of top photographers.
His greatest teacher has been shooting thousands of images and learning from his mistakes and successes. His work has been published in various magazines and journals. The September, 1999, issue of Memphis Magazine featured a photo essay on the Smokies as well as the front cover. His prints have been exhibited at the University of Memphis Fogelman Center, Jack Kenner Gallery, Second Floor Contemporary Gallery, Germantown Center for the Performing Arts, and The Emporium (Knoxville). In May 2002, he participated in the Memphis Center City Commission’s A Day in the Life of Downtown Memphis. Dan is a member of North American Nature Photographers (NANPA), the Townsend Artisan Guild, the Great Smoky Mountain Association and The Friends of the Smokies. For many years Dan shot 35mm and medium format color transparencies and black and white. Presently, although he still uses film, most of his work is done digitally. Although most of his work is nature photography, he also enjoys travel, street, and architectural photography. He has shot in most of the National Parks in the US and Canada. He has also photographed in England, Scotland, Wales, France, Switzerland, Ukraine, Turkey, Kurdistan Region of Iraq, Israel, South Africa, and Fiji. His images are available as archival prints. Probably one of the most demanding and enjoyable things he does is to produce photo/music presentations to groups. Dan lives with his wife, Amy in Memphis, Tennessee. They have three daughters and a son-in-law. They also have a residence in Townsend, Tennessee, on the border of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park.

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