Cody Ripper Johns

Cody Ripper JohnsCody Johns is a drummer based out of Chico, CA. He plays in Radio Relapse and owns Chico Rockstars: School of Music. When Cody was 17, he started his first rock band with his friends, and for the last 9 years, he has been an active musician in the greater Chico area. In November 2015, Cody and his wife Erin purchased Chico Rockstars: School of Music, and they provide lessons and a variety of other services catered towards musicians of all ages and skill levels.
Today, he plays the cover band Radio Relapse (90s/00s alternative / punk / grunge), and a variety of other minor projects. Most recently, he participated in the Chico Breaks the Record attempt at the Tacklebox bar, and played for about 3 hours during the invite-only, All-Star Final Jam. He has experience playing drums and percussion for a variety of music genres, including but not limited to: modern/hard rock, punk, alternative, metal, progressive music, indie, classic rock, and a little bit of blues, folk, celtic, jazz.

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