Cavin Elizabeth

Cavin ElizabethCavin Elizabeth, an international wedding photographer based in San Diego serving chic and fashionable jet-setting couples. Her inspiration comes not only from beautiful aesthetics like old-world European architecture and the fine arts, but also from her incredible brides and grooms and the love they share for each other.
What’s most important to her is that she connects with each and every one of her couples and get to know them like friends so that they feel truly at-ease and comfortable with her every step of the way. Cavin Elizabeth
As an expert photographer, she has even authored a book that teaches brides how to make the most out of their wedding photography and have magazine worthy images entitled A Bride’s Guide to a Picture Perfect Wedding. As for her personal life, Cavin lives in San Diego with her fiancé David, founder of Aventrix, and their two cats, Boots and Kudzu.
When Cavin is not shooting weddings, she spends time in the gym lifting weights or taking pilates classes, catching performances by her favorite ballet company, daydreaming about fine dining, and filming videos for her YouTube channel.

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