Cathy Walker

Cathy WalkerCathy Walker is a dynamic speaker, writer, transformational coach, singer, songwriter and recording artist. She travels and speaks in churches, women’s groups and retreats. She has successfully created and administrates Revolution Online School Of Ministry that reaches the nations of the earth. She has written over 300 songs and has recorded 4 CD’s. As a result of her passionate pursuit of God she has enabled others to find a life that is both rewarding and abundant. First and foremost she is a wife to Rocky and mother to Lynsie and Kaylee and a mother-in-law to Brian Stay and Caleb Livingston.
Now she is a grandmother to Lukas Edison Stay born August 19, 2010. She is daughter to Floyd and Norma Tate. Secondly she pastors with her Husband at Greater Dimensions Church in Pauls Valley, OK. where she leads worship and writes all of the music that we sing. She is the founder and facilitator of Revolution School Of Ministry both at GDC and online. traveling across the USA singing and speaking with an apostolic voice declaring a victorious gospel equipping others to live an overcoming lifestyle is her predetermined purpose. She has recorded 4 CD’s all with original music that she has written and is currently in the process of writing her first book. Rocky and Cathy were married September the 26th, 1981. They started their first church in Pauls Valley, OK in 1983. Lynise, their oldest daughter was born February 13, 1986. Then Kaylee entered the worldCathy Walker April 2,1990. Brian and Lynsie Stay were married July 22, 2006 and are parents to their first grandson Lukas Edison Stay born August 19, 2010.
Caleb and Kaylee Livingston were married July 28, 2012. Each one of these dates were a scheduled event predestined by God and strategically set in motion as a divine unfolding of His plan in the earth. They have given their lives for the furtherance of the gospel, influencing and empowering others to also follow the lamb and see the goodness of God in the land of the living. Having been raised in a ministers’ home Cathy was introduced to the song of the Lord at an early age. Her father was a prophetic psalmist and accomplished pianist. She grew up under the front pew of the church watching him sing and prophesy over the congregation. Her mother was a preacher and organist. These gifts together fostered a divine gifting in her that lay dormant until the fall of 1995. She attended a conference where Prophetess Clarice Fluitt laid hands on her, stirred up the gift, and imparted a fresh anointing to sing the songs of this New Day. She will never forget the first song she received by Divine appointment.
The words issued out of her like the river issues from the throne as she sat in the parking lot of the local grocery store. She quickly wrote them down on a receipt until she could get home to sing the sound that was the sound of a New Day. Now her predetermined purpose is to write present day truth in song and Cathy Walkercrown our victorious King with glory and honor. As a Prophetic Psalmist, she leads praise and worship and has written over 200 songs. These songs are sung in hundreds of churches in America, Australia, Canada, Japan, England, South Africa and Russia. They have recorded three CD’s: The Whole House is Anointed, 3 Day Journey and I Will Restore. She presently hosts a Prophetic Worship Weekend that is a it is a gathering of the body of Christ from across the globe to minister to those in spiritual need, gains insight and perspective through prophetic praise and worship & anointed dance and pageantry, and receive a now revelation from His Word.
They have been blessed by the different guest speakers God has provided for them. Although it is offered as a “Women’s Conference” there are just as many men who attend that fill up, then take home to share the impartation of His Truth. God has divinely led them during their time here in Pauls Valley. They have found a people and have married themselves to them. As a corporate expression of Him in the earth, they are Evangelical in purpose, Pentecostal in experience, Charismatic in worship and Kingdom in lifestyle. Although Rocky and Cathy travel out from here to the nations ministering the Kingdom of God, their heart is always anchored with this body.
They love those He has joined us to. As the Senior Pastors of this local house, their vision is to see theEureka House of Metal King exalted and His Kingdom established in the hearts and lives of the people. This body of believers is perpetuating the seed of His Kingdom in the Pauls Valley area and all across the globe. They are Kingdom innovators solving the problems in their sphere of influence and taking Christ to the world as they are making disciples of nations. Pauls Valley has been their home since 1983 and is located on I-35, 1 hour south of Oklahoma City, OK. Strategically situated in the heartland of America they give voice to His heart through worship. Our predetermined purpose is to fill the earth with the sound that changes everything and liberate everyone to live the life of their dreams!

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