Breanna Perez

Breanna PerezBreanna Perez is a passionate artist; A painter and Makeup Artist. She first started painting at the age of 2 and has not put her paint brush down since. She sold her first painting when she was 3 to a newly engaged couple walking by on the Santa Barbara Beach and she will never forget that proud moment. Breanna fell in love with painting right then and there because she saw how her artwork brought happiness to others. At age 20, she decided to start her own artistry business, services included her original and customized paintings, as well as makeup. Breanna found that her paintings and makeup artistry was a way of being close to her and is the fuel in keeping her passion alive she wants to share her gift/talent with the world by teaching, showing and making others feel beautiful inside and out.
In a world that is so chaotic, Breanna stays grounded and at peace when she is focused on creating art, her makeup artistry and photography. Breanna’s passion and her purpose align beautifully together; ensuring each client’s needs are meticulously met by tailoring an exceptional experience bringing their visions to reality. Painting has always been very therapeutic and it is also her creative outlet. When she was a little younger than 2, her mom passed away and she never had the luxury of having her teach her how to apply makeup. She was so beautiful and very glamorous and as a kid she always found herself playing with her Grandma’s makeup, trying to recreate her makeup looks. Her Grandma has always been her inspiration and she valued the memories she’d watching her put on her makeup and giving her little tips. So, her goal is to always inspire and educate her clients while making them feel beautiful inside and out!

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