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Vicky & Bina CamposVicky & Bina Campos Photography. is a twin sister photography duo based out of Fresno, CA; but they’re available to travel worldwide. They believe photography is about creating and capturing moments and giving them a chance to live on and forever be remembered. They love capturing moments in people’s lives that are life changing and they love to tell their stories; like graduating from school, getting engaged, getting married, and starting a family. It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, but they know that your photos are much more than that; they consist of Love, Promise, Memory, Passion, and Joy and every aspect of your wedding should be captured and be told in a beautiful story. Investing in the right photographer is what you’ll need to capture timeless and priceless images; and they want to be those photographers for you. Your portraits will be ones to enthusiastically share with generations to come. Last year, Vicky and Bina were nominated as one of the Top 19 Wedding Photographers in the Central Valley, which was a huge honor for them and a compliment for their hard work. They’ve been in business for 7 years and continue to be just as passionate as when they first started.
They’ve always said that if they had been separated at birth, They would’ve eventually met.
They’re ridiculously close and identical! They can’t go one day without seeing or talking to each other, (they talk on the phone at least 5 times a day).
They’re married to men with the same last name and no, they’re not related.Vicky & Bina Campos They both graduated from Fresno State University with a B.A. in Psychology, they live approximately 1 mile away from each other, have the same taste in music, furniture, and clothing (yes, they have showed up to places wearing the same thing), and now they have the privilege of working together as wedding and portrait photographers. They are both passionate about photography and enjoy meeting new people and building new friendships. That’s just to name a few similarities but the list is endless.
Bina Campos
Bina is married to Sam, for almost 18 years. They have 2 beautiful children, Nate, (AKA smarty pants) is 16 yrs old and Kahlen, who claims she’s a Disney Princess and has a closet full of puffy dresses to prove it, will be turning 11 this year. Bina loves hunting for antiques, she finds that gardening is quite relaxing, and she’d like to be on “The Amazing Race” with her twin sister one day. However, she has a feeling they’ll be the first to get the boot because they’ll be too grossed out, too scared, too tired, or too lost to make it to the finish line, but it’s still worth the try!
Vicky Campos
Vicky Campos is the oldest yet funniest of the twins. She has been married for 13 years and she’s still in love with the love of her life, Jorge. They have 2 amazing children, Ethan and Lauren. And obsessed with her 2 yorkie pups, Beckham and CoCo. Her family is her greatest inspiration and her #1 fans. Her passion in photography is Wood Bridgein capturing candid moments that are not posed or rehearsed that show the true emotions of people, making every moment count and sharing those moments, She loves the anticipation of the first kiss and capturing that first kiss as a newly wedded couple, she adores witnessing people’s love stories unfold from their engagement shoot to their wedding and even to the start of their new family.
The greatest reward is being able to feel like family at every wedding, even though they’re not related.
She loves and cherishes the relationships that she has gained throughout the time she’s been doing photography.

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