Vasily Vein is a founder of Vasily Vein Art Design and a graduate of the Institute of Art in Krasnoyarsk, Russia. While living in Moscow, Vein created stage images for Russian rock and pop stars such as Linda and T.A.T.U. Additionally, Vein’s designs have appeared in several big-name magazines such as Marie Claire, Playboy, and BAYFashion. One recent highlight of Vein’s fashion portfolio was his part in creating a piece for a major charity event hosted by the former presidents of Ukraine and the U.S. Vasily Vein now resides in Sausalito,
California, where he frequently participates in many Bay Area and Sacramento fashion shows.
Vasily Vein is one of the leading fashion designers in San Francisco, USA.
De Young Museum named Vasily Vein a “Fan Favorite” in 2012 for being the most voted look on museum’s social media channels. Nob Hill Gazette named Vasily Vein “A” media person of the year in 2014 for being the most covered by press persona that year. For over decade prior to moving to the United States in 2008, Vasily Vein was responsible for creating stage costumes for Russia’s leading film and music stars, many of whom have been nominated and won numerous MTV Russia awards for the best music video and album covers featuring his fashion looks. Vasily Vein fashion has been featured in Marie Claire, Playboy, Gastronomique en Vogue, SF Chronicle, 7×7 San Francisco Magazine, Nob Hill Gazette, FSHN, DEPESHA, and others. Since 2008, Vasily Vein has produced over 10 eponymous runway shows in such prominent locations such as San Francisco Opera, San Francisco Symphony, British Bankers Club in Menlo Park, Mishin Fine Art Gallery, Sacramento Historic Tower Ballroom, Sacramento Memorial Auditorium, Julia Morgan Ballroom in San Francisco, among others. Vasily Vein collections were showcased across the United States including Premier Orlando Beauty Exhibition, 2014, Orlando Elegance Fashion Show, 2013, San Jose, Sacramento Fashion Week 2013, Sacramento Santana Row & Valle Monte League, Inc, Christmas Tree 2013, Sacramento Fashion Week 2012, Sacramento Designing Dreams 2011, Sacramento Charity. In 2015, Vasily Vein evening gown auctioned for 5,000 USD at Rooms That Rocks 4 Chemo fundraising event in San Francisco, to help support the fight against the breast cancer. In 2014, during The Richmond/Ermet AIDS Foundation fundraising event, Vasily Vein’s fashion look sold for thousands of dollars helping contributed to the fight against HIV. Vasily Vein supports fundraising for various foundations through his design. In 2011, the original hat he created from Bill Clinton’s personal suit-ties was one of the highest bidding items during American-Ukrainian Foundation’s fundraising auction in Washington, DC. All raised funds contributed to the children’s orphanage in Ukraine.

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