Stephen Ray Mariucci

Stephen Ray Mariucci is a California and Midwest raised musician who currently resides in San Diego, California. His first country single, “I’m an American” was inspired by a friend who enlisted in the U.S Navy. The song is an uplifting and inspiring ballad that goes beyond the core principles of what it means to be an American and inspires anyone who may be starting a new adventure in their lives. His follow-up single, released in 2017 is called “Liking Your Style” and is an upbeat pop country song. A music video for the song features nearly 70 people across the country taking selfie-videos singing along to the song!
Stephen was born in Walnut Creek, CA and has lived in Green Bay Wisconsin, Detroit Michigan, and various parts of California including the San Francisco Bay Area and Southern California. His music style is driven from his liking of the pop country music genre, his writing style and lifestyle which he’s begun to coin as “California Country”. Prior to his country music endeavors, Stephen toured and performed for many years with his older brother Adam Mariucci playing lead guitar and singing backup vocals. They performed with acts such as Smashmouth, Gym Class Heroes and Good Charlotte.

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