Steel Breeze Band

Steel Breeze plays #1 hit songs from the 70’s,80’s 90’s and into the 21st century. We make people get up out of their seats to dance and sing. And we love it when everybody is smiling and having a good time!
If you need live music for your wedding, nightclub or special event, you came to the right place. Steel Breeze is the premier party band in Northern California and Nevada.
Tammy Tam Tam
(Lead Vocals)
“Every time I put on my wardrobe and make-up for a show, I do so with only one thing in mind: to give the best performance of my life”
Music has been a part of Tam Tam’s life since she was born. Although no one in her family was a full time musician, everybody played an instrument. It was common to see the whole family play and entertain themselves during gatherings and holidays. Tam Tam loved her role during these small family shows, often singing solo, and dancing for everyone.
The young girl went to school, and had a pretty normal life before deciding to become a full time singer. She was lucky, an old friend decided to give her a break, and let her sing in his band. The experiment worked! Tammy Tam Tam proved herself as a committed singer. More importantly, the crowds loved her. And what’s not to love? She’s classy, elegant, unique and sexy. In addition to being a great singer, she also writes original music, and loves to interact and captivate audiences during her shows.
Singing with Steel Breeze, Tam Tam is the engine that powers up the band. Her positive attitude and great charisma keeps everyone in a good mood, which reflects in her personality during all the shows.
“Music is my life. I live, I breathe… I eat music. I have way too much fun when we play, and I give out every inch of my body. I end up very tired, but feel immensely happy each time.”
For Spike, it all started when his mother gave him a drum kit as a birthday gift when he was only eight. Little did Spike’s mother know, that his son was going to turn this hobby into an exciting career and also a lifetime passion.
Rhythm is extremely important in music. Someone needs to guide the band, keep the beat and the timing right. Not an easy task to do, but for Spike it is not a problem. He’s done it pretty much all his life. As the drummer for Steel Breeze, he is the backbone to every music piece. Spike’s passion for rhythms and drums has taken him to very exciting places, playing with well known artists like Sammy Hagar, and working with renowned drum company DW, doing research and designing new products; therefore making a contribution to the music scene worldwide.
(Keyboards/Backing Vocals)
“I could get a real job, work 9 to 5 and wait until I die. But I rather have fun at what I do for a living” When it comes to musicality and musical arrangements, Tommy is the guy to talk to. This talented musician has collaborated with some of the biggest artists and producers in the business, composing music and developing musical arrangements to create better and richer melodies. As the keyboard player for Steel Breeze, he’s the one that brings structure and harmony to the songs of the band. He really is the icing on the cake, the one that adds flavor, the one who can make any musical piece sound better.
When he’s not on stage playing, you may find him at his home recording studio, experimenting with new sounds, playing his keyboards, recording and mixing songs, researching new audio techniques to improve and create better effects.
“It doesn’t matter if you make pizzas or jet planes; if you love what you do… it’ll show. I dig that” Bag has been performing as a professional touring musician since his teens. This eager member of rock’s frequent-flyer club has been seen and heard around the world. Literally! Bag has numerous recording and TV credits. You might even catch him sometime on your late night TV reruns. Now, as a full time member of Steel Breeze, Bag is reunited with long time musical partners and everything is full speed ahead. Come out to the show. You will not be disappointed.
“I truly believe that every one of us has a mission on earth. Something that we were born to do, we do it well and it makes us happy. Every time I’m up on stage, I feel like I’m doing what I was born to do… It’s a very rewarding feeling” Dan was 5 years old when his parents decided to move the family to the Bay Area. Once there, they enroll him in piano lessons. However, one day he decided to pick up his first guitar and played it so well, that it actually got him his first paying gig at age 14. Since then, Dan has become a professional musician, sharing the stage with renowned artists like The Oak Ridge Boys, The Coasters, Foghat, Starship and the Jeff Healey Band, touring all over the U.S. and even Japan.
Melody is a key ingredient in music. What makes Dan so good at playing melodies is his ability to play both acoustic and electric guitars well, blending all kinds of music genres like rock blues and country. Dan had been keeping on eye on Steel Breeze for a long time. He even attended a lot of their shows and has been a fan of the band himself. Now that he is a member of the ensemble he feels honored to be part of one of the most legendary bands in the area.

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