Sarah Jayne

Sarah JayneSarah Jayne is a singer/songwriter from Clarksville, TN. Her music journey began for her at a young age when she took piano lessons and continued in school with concert, marching, and jazz band. SarahJayne picked up guitar on her own at 14 years old and taught herself everything she showcases today, with the exception of a few chord progressions she learned from her grandfather. Though her biggest passion is music, SarahJayne also loves to travel, and luckily the two correlate very well. A few of the places she has gotten to perform are the Kentucky State Fair, Spencer Pride Festival, Two Old Hippies, and Riverfest.Talent Magazine
All of these experiences have only led to more songwriting inspiration. SarahJayne plans to attend Columbia College Chicago in the fall to research songwriting and the music industry in order to hone her skills. You can expect big things from her in the near future. One thing is certain: her passion for what she does drives her to achieve the many goals she has set for herself. She firmly believes that the connection that the songwriter shares with a patron is one of the most intimate relationships that can exist. She hopes her music will find you in giggles, tears, and love – whether it’s for the road, a partner, or music itself.

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