Roy Moffatt

Roy MoffattRoy Moffatt is a self taught painter using predominantly watercolors. Roy has personally studied the works and texts of Rex Brandt and Milford Zornes. He has also attended a variety of workshops. Painting with other artists has pushed Roy the most with exposure to other techniques and endless ways to see the world. Aquarella 9 Plus, in particular, has helped develop his plein air painting.
Roy is a member of the Folsom Arts Association, Gold Country Artists Gallery, Watercolor Association of Sacramento Horizons, and Watercolor West. Roy’s paintings have been accepted into shows with the Southern California Plein Air Painters Association and at VIVA Gallery through the Valley Watercolor Society. His paintings have hung at “Off Vine” in Hollywood, California; they are in many homes and offices in California, Texas, and other states.

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