Nikra Centeno

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Nikra CentenoNikra Centeno, a small city girl with big goals and big dreams. She is very passionate about beauty, Nikra has chosen to take different paths in life, but along the way her passion and inner voice would always take her back to her true self. The happiest times in her life are when she is doing what she meant to be doing, when she follows her bliss and let God direct the way. Nikra believes that, hair and makeup brings her back home, she’s been blessed to have met wonderful individuals along the way, while doing what she loves.
Nikra enjoys anything outdoors, being outside in nature gives her energy and peace. When she is not behind the brushes and hair tools one will find her at a Zumba class at the gym, dancing her heart out at a salsa club or at a shopping spree at Nordys. Her love for travel has taken her to wonderful countries around the world, she enjoys learning about new cultures and tries to go to a new location whenever she can find the time for a vacay. Nikra loves to laugh and tries to find joy in the little things in life, thats why going to a good comedy with popcorn and coke and chocolate is heaven for her. Her hope is to empower andNikra Centeno uplift every woman that crosses along her path in this wonderful journey call Life. She was fortunate enough to be part of this amazing photoshoot as a Hair and Makeup Artist, CasiDee Rae was just a beautiful canvas to do hair and makeup on. They had a lot of fun chatting and getting to know each other as she was doing her hair and makeup at her studio in Provo. The makeup for this shoot was inspired by the color pink and mauve tones. This collaboration was dreamy, take a closer look to this amazing vendors.

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