Magnolia Adam

Magnolia AdamMichelle’s photography business is Magnolia Adam’s Photography. She named her business after her babies, Magnolia and Adam. She’s never pictured herself getting in to photography, but after going through the most painful season of her life, Jesus turned photography into a beautiful redemptive blessing. The best part about her job is the people she meets.
Whether it’s a senior heading off to the adventure of a lifetime, or a bride breathless about to meet her groom. There’s a story there, and she loves to tell it. The best compliment a client can give her is when they say the moment was captured exactly how they remember it.
One other fun is she shoots film! Many of the images one will see on her website and blogs are film. Something people worry about is, “But what if you mess up” or “What if the film gets lost” but the reality is digital screws up too. You can get corrupt memory cards. Technology can short.
So if the stakes are even and the chances for failure are even, why not shoot film and get that beautiful skin color. Michelle understands that you have many choices when it comes to wedding photographers.
Michelle loves to tell stories, she loves to make people laugh. She loves to catch natural reactions. Moments are her jam.

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