Lisa James

Lisa JamesLisa began to draw and Pencil Portraits was born. Even though her talent appeared at an early age, Lisa never used her ability for anything other than personal entertainment. Since she has never been formally trained, she never thought she could make any use of drawing. Lisa is married and has two daughters. She conducts her portrait business at home from her drawing board and personal computer. She now draws for people all over the world via email and digital photography. The success of Pencil Portraits still has Lisa somewhat baffled. As requests for drawings of things other than children were made, she began to add subjects to her repertoire. She has drawn everything from ferrets to yachts.
However, her most popular portraits are her detailed, “photo-realistic” homes and “life-like” dogs. At the suggestion of a friend, Lisa expanded her business to include customized note cards from her portraits for announcements, holidays, new addresses and everyday. Contributing to her family income is a plus, but making people happy is her true reward.

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