Linda Lou Horn

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Linda Lou HornGrowing up in St. Paul Minnesota as the eldest daughter of 10 children, making things from something found began early. Linda Lou Horn’s mom pioneered recycling and dad had a rubbish removal business. She loved going to the dump with dad. There she found the richness of “trash” as material.
As a kid she wanted to be an artist and did not have an ability to draw. Her creative energies were directed into helping within the family and then into professional care-giving. Turning 50, Linda’s artist desires re-awakened and she wanted a different second half to her life. As a symbolic gesture for change and freedom, she jumped out of an airplane for a 2 mile free fall. “Letting go” redirected her artist journey and now she lives and works as an artist. Living in Philadelphia, she is a self taught artist working in found objects, air-dried modeling clay, fibers and other mixed media. Her three dimensional sculpture features the human, animal and biomorphic forms.
Her media is something old and found, non-art materials, things that had a previous life and not intended for the purpose she is giving them. Interested and inspired by the human condition, her work is about discovering the old, the broken, the damaged, that which was lost and abandoned. Linda gives each “find” her awareness, attention, her openness to discovery which brings out its energy, personality and strengths. The resulting metamorphosis is a fusion of perception and humor, a discovery of something new with value and worth. Finding the balance between the polarities, the serious undertones and a playful spirit is always a challenge. Linda’s 40 plus years as a nurse, social activist, and gestalt psychotherapist helps her see the possibilities and the best in the broken and discarded.


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