Lena Toritch

The Capital Athletic Club

Lena ToritchLena Toritch, MFA, has become one of the most brilliant sculpture artists of our time. With a keen eye, compassionate heart, intuitive insight and extraordinary skills she consistently creates exceptional bronze statues that receive the highest praise and appreciation. This Master Sculptor breathes life and spirit into every statue she creates. Her love for art and training started as a young child in St. Petersburg Russia where her father was a professional sculptor. He challenged his young daughter to study the great masters of the past, continually strive to better her work and learn to see the world with an artist’s eye. Toritch was a graduate student at the prestigiousLena Toritch St. Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts in Russia. She mastered human and animal anatomy, the history of art and architecture, composition, drawing, and sculpture. But she yearned for artistic freedom and opportunity so she came to the United States in 1992. Toritch was granted citizenship under the status of “Artist of Exceptional Ability.” She soon teamed up with Sculptor Richard Young who owns Young Fine Art Studio in Salt Lake City. Young was also a sculptor and had created many large scale monuments of his own design and for other famous artists. With Young’s experience and business sense and Toritch’s remarkable artistic talent, they formed an unbeatable team that consistently and reliably delivers impressive world class sculpture.

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