Laura Christin

Laura earned a degree in Art and English with concentrations in Photography and Journalism from the University of Delaware in 2004. IShe waitressed her way through college saving every dime she could for her move to San Diego. She didn’t have a job or a place to live when she adventured to the west coast. But she hustled hard and landed a job working for a busy photography studio in Carlsbad, California. In 2007 Laura Christin Photography was born. Laura is proud to say that photography is her full time work. She’s been featured in local and international print and online publications, has spoken as a photography educator and she takes a great deal of pride in the work she creates and in the experiences she offers her clients.
Laura has to remind herself while doing yoga that being jealous of that girl in her class who can do crazy-amazing yoga moves is not very zen of her. She is early everywhere she goes. She spends a lot of time sitting in her car safe in the knowledge that she is not late. She takes what she does very seriously, but herself – not so much. A good book is like gold to her.
She feels at home in the hustle and bustle of downtown San Diego but she feels alive when she’s out in the middle of nowhere. She is a die-hard Philadelphia Eagles fan with a competitive streak. She is super detail oriented but love unscripted moments. She sings completely off-key. But she still sings. She’s a perfectionist learning to let go. She can’t wait to meet you!

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