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LaBry Fine ArtWelcome to LaBry Fine Art; a gallery dedicated to offering works of exceptional artistic talent to both the local Boise community and to the larger internet community. The determination of what constitutes fine art is very subjective and has a multitude of definitions. The premise by which art is selected for our gallery is an attempt to incorporate some objectivity as well, with the desire to appeal to a larger audience. To that end our selection criteria requires that the works exhibit exceptional technical talent while also eliciting a strong emotional response from the viewer. That emotional response may be the viewer’s need for a sense of warmth, comfort or joy. It may be the desire for a sense of exhilaration in the grandeurs of nature or the calm of a Zen like atmosphere. It may invoke nostalgia for objects, places or people. Or, it may be the desire for a sense of risk and adventure exhibited by art that is edgy and challenging, taking the viewer out of their comfort zone. We attempt to make fine art accessible across a wide range of price points by seeking out young artists who are innately talented and have moved quickly to a high level of expression, older artists who, through perseverance and effort, are now achieving mastery, and even elderly artists who have not had wide exposure to markets but whose lifetime dedication to their craft have made them the artistic equivalent of those we consider our historical best. The gallery’s genres include modernist paintings, prints and monotypes; expressionist drawings and paintings; modernist bronze sculpture; impressionist landscapes, nature and fine art photography; outsider art; and tribal sculpture, masks and textiles. A work of fine art should make a statement in the space in which it hangs, and even a statement about the personality of its owner. It should compel you to want to view and appreciate it. Our goal is to provide works that will do that for you.

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