Kristef Brothers

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Kristef BrothersKristef Brothers have been performing together since childhood. Kristofer and Stefan both come from five generations of circus families and performance talents. They grew up learning Hand to Hand and acrobatics from Kristofer’s father in their backyard, who comes from an Italian circus. They received ballet training from Stefan’s mother who was a Prima Ballerina and jazz training from Kristofer’s mother who was a professional jazz dancer. Although they were naturally jokester children, Stefan’s Swedish born father was a great coach for clowning skills. Kristef Brothers began performing by the age of 10, and have continued to learn new talents and tricks to add to their act over the years.Talent Mag Ad Their talents have led them to perform on America’s Got Talent as finalists 2013, the Jimmy Fallon Show, the Today Show, contestants on TruTV’s Fake OFF, and the renowned French television show Le Cabaret Du Monde. They perform NBA Halftime performances, and have traveled worldwide from across Europe, South America and throughout the US in various tours such as Amercia’s Got Talent All Star Tour and acclaimed shows such as Le Reve at the Wynn Hotel Las Vegas.

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