Jose Lott

A respected and admired muralist, fine artist and art educator, Jose Lott was born into a culture of duality on the Mexican/California border. He infuses his Mexican spirit and soul into the contemporary fine art environments he was exposed to in his adopted hometown of Sacramento, California. The revered and iconic Sacramento professor, artist, poet, and Royal Chicano Air Force (RCAF) founder, Jose Montoya, took a keen interest in the young artist when he met him at Sac State.
He mentored the young man, took him on as a personal assistant, and they became lifelong friends. His early exposure to the artist introduced him to socially and culturally relevant art, themes and concepts. As a student of the RCAF, Mr. Lott’s art is, without a doubt, influenced by the Chicano Movement and it’s outcomes.
He pays homage to his history and ancestry with dignity and respect, while producing classic images that are intellectual, complex, bold and contemporary. His art can often surprise and even defy the genre of, Chicano Art, yet his work is unapologetically Chicano. He has amounted a large body of public works, and has received various commissions for murals in the Sacramento area. Jose has influenced a generation of young artists; an unspoken responsibility he feels to the artists, and arts education scene that nurtured him as a young man. He has worked closely with many of the major artists in the vibrant Sacramento art’s scene. Mr. Lott earned two Bachelor’s Degrees in Graphic Design and Fine Arts from California State University, Sacramento.

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