Jeanette Turkus

Jeanette TurkusMixed media experimenting with paint, collage, ink, pastel and more, keep Jeanette enthusiastic about painting and drawing. Seeing the “hand of the artist”, expressed with line and texture adding a kind of history to the work is something she explores on canvas and paper. Her subject matter often includes a figure inspired by “life drawing” with the Model. The human figure, and the mystery and personality behind a gesture, is an ongoing inspiration for her, and she’s been practicing life drawing with the Model for many years. She hopes her paintings and drawings will send a visual message to the Viewer — a mood, memory, or feeling, and the Viewer decides the message. She likes Robert Henri’s comments about art and artists: “A work of art is not a copy of things. It must be a statement of what is essential to the artist… develop the ability to see in nature the thing that charms you and express that…”

Galaxy S9

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