Grace Armas

Grace ArmasGrace Armas’ knew she wanted to do hair and make-up her whole life. She remembers doing girl’s hair for their prom when she was just in high school. She had this obsession with shaping eyebrows. She thinks that, she was the first one to tweeze at least 15 teenage girls brows for their first time. Later it continued with adding color to the eye that would enhance their newly shaped brows and it never stopped. She’s had the pleasure of creating the most beautiful and happy brides or simply change the way people feel about their hair. It is a truly amazing feeling to do someone’s make-up and completely change the way they feel about how they look. One can see the confidence a woman exudes when she simply feels beautiful. To make that happen is so rewarding. Grace Armas is delighted to be the person who puts the veil on a bride and complete the look they have dreamed of for years. She has the pleasure of doing it time and time again. Having had a successful salon in Hoboken, NJ allowed Grace Armas’ to do what she loves day after day and still has time for her family. She meets great people and hopes to continue on that road of beauty for many more years to come. New to the Atlanta area Grace Armas’ brings her New York experience and talent to create one’s dream look on their special day. Using airbrush and a wide collection of the leading makeup lines to create that flawless finish. Her technique and wide range of hairstyles bring the class and elegance every bride dreams of.

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