Gabriela Ines

Gabriela InesGaby is the owner and principal photographer of Gabriela Ines Photography. She loves being able to share in the love of two individuals and feel blessed to get to work with such wonderful people each day. After she married Adam in 2010, weddings became a calling for her. After planning her own wedding, she was able to see the beauty of what goes on during that magical day; she wanted to be a part of it all again. She loves being around people in love. It truly is magical and fills her heart.Eureka House of Metal
A wedding can be a stressful and very fast-paced day; it’s easy to miss the details of it all. She is there to notice those details and to help you feel comfortable and relaxed. She is there to tell the story of your love and happiness through romantic and sweet photographs. Gaby is based in Southern Oregon but she often travels throughout the Pacific Northwest and loves to travel to new areas. She is a hybrid photographer, using film and digital formats to capture her clients.

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