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Dennis AngelDennis Angel has been an artist and art educator for over 25 years. His work has been included in over 200 national and international exhibitions and is represented in numerous private and corporate collections. His drawings have been published in Drawing magazine, Studio Visit and will appear in Manifest Drawing Center’s 12th Annual International Drawing Catalogue. Most recently his work has been exhibited at the Sandra Lee Gallery in San Francisco, the Salmagundi Club and Marbury Gallery in New York City and was featured in a solo exhibition at the Miami University Museum of Art. His book, Perceptual Drawing: Concepts, Methods and Materials was published by Kendall-Hunt in 2015 and rereleased in a 2nd edition this year.Dennis Angel
Drawing allows Dennis to examine and to understand the world. Whether it’s a spectacular cloud formation, the nuance of a delicate surface or the subtle beauty of a cast shadow, the act of observation informs all of his work.
He has chosen two particular mediums to work with. When working in black and white he uses theEureka House Of Metals, LLC metal point process. This delicate, antique process allows a level of nuance and luminosity unattainable in other graphic media. When working in color Dennis uses Verithin colored pencils. With a razor sharp point, the colored pencil allows him to carefully apply thin, transparent layers of color much like a glaze functions in oil painting.
His work represents the belief that skill, craftsmanship and beauty still have an important place in the contemporary art world. Amid the loud clatter of the 21st century with technology moving forward at a frantic pace, the contemplative and tender act of drawing remains one of our most human activites.

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