Dan Mires

Dan Mires has established his own brand of lightheartedly offensive Stand-up Comedy. You shouldn’t laugh, but you do. Dan is a hit with crowds of all ages and can adapt his routine to entertain Mr. Clean® or the Dirt Devil™. Either way; your place will look amazing. For example, Dan has worked with “Clean Guys of Comedy” star Dave Coulier and the Pit Bull of Comedy himself; Bobby Slayton.
Growing up as the youngest of 4 boys (his poor mother) Dan has seen and done some unspeakable things that he likes to talk about in front of large groups of people. Although he is a pyromaniac, this has nothing to do with his nickname, “Mires like Fires.” This is simply his way of explaining how to spell Mires…like Fires. “Mires like Fires” has also produced comedy shows for countless bars, clubs, restaurants, colleges and even the US Air Force. Between his comedy career and his real estate license, Dan Mires is sure to become a household name.

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