Sandi Burt

Though she has a BA in music (teaching and performing) and a 30 year career in electronics design, Sandi’s passion for creating mosaics surpasses all. She happened to see some contemporary mosaics during a web search for glass to use in a home improvement project and it was, quite literally, a bolt-of-lightening, jaw dropping, ah-ha moment!
She instantly knew that she had to make mosaics. She has been an incessant doodler since childhood days and her ‘style’ of doodle is very mosaic-like, so it just made sense to try her hand at merging the drawings with materials such as glass and stone. That was in 2008 and she continues to learn and create and love the art form! Mosaic art is her preferred visual artistic medium due to its limitless combinations of color, texture and shape. Every step in the process of creating a mosaic, from the swizzling of ideas in her head; to planning and prepping the substrate and materials; to placement of the first piece of tesserae; to the hours and hours of cutting, positioning and gluing; to laying down the final piece and then stepping back to take in the completed work brings her.
Sandi’s contemporary style is generally a fusion of impressionism and abstract, with a spontaneous flow of execution in that she begins a piece by drawing just a few real estate lines and do not actually draw the content.
She likens the concept to that of jazz improvisation; the basic structure and theme are in mind, but she lets the piece take shape in the moment. She continues to explore new materials and methods, though she gravitates to Italian and Mexican Smalti and stone because of their textural qualities. Inspirations for her mosaics evolve primarily, but not exclusively, from nature and all it has to offer.

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