Sacramento Fashion Week

Sacramento Fashion Week 2018 took place in a venue that reeked with exclusivity. The new DOCO Sacramento plaza was still under construction as Sacramento’s most fashionable trendsetters filed in to soak in everything this year had to offer. Building an enclosed setting and stage from the ground up, the production team truly went all out to make a unique and avant garde experience for everyone who attended. Designer Yennie Zhou displayed her artistic abilities by creating a one of a kind backdrop for the 70 ft stage.
Hosted by KCRA news anchor, Lisa Gonzales, the production was a non-stop display of some of the hottest designers in Sacramento and surrounding areas. With sponsors such as Sharif Jewelers, David Garibaldi, and Myla’Cor, there was no shortage of talent and support both on stage and throughout the audience. Regardless of the near freezing temperatures outside of the temporary walls, erected tohouse the hottest fashion event of the year in the Northern California region, everyone was warm with anticipation for the fashion spectacle about to ensue.
Friday’s Spring/Summer showcase displayed the newest fashion ensembles from designers Tyniece Hall (Swagger H.A.F.), Hannah Be (Retrospect Vintage Fashion), Maya Leon (Angela De Forsage), Hagen Valencia (Gold & Thread), Jenelle Cardenas (Love by Janelle Cardenas), Zenzele Nuru, and Thimoleon Rodriguez. After a sold-out crowd dissipated from the venue, the designers cleared out, and the production team was already starting to prepare for another busy and successful night of fashion thenext day.
Saturday’s Fall/Winter showcase displayed designs from Saphaktra Touch, Carlos Collins (Carlo Vontee Augo), Aaron Herring (Drugstore Cowboy), Ken Adams (KA Fashion), Scatha G Allison (miss velvet cream). Lena Trosko. Soon after the last designer graced the stage, as the audience slowly shuffled out of the venue, the after party commenced at Revival, one of Sacramento’s latest and most exclusive clubs, within the Sawyer, the newest high-class hotel to join Sacramento’s growing downtown scene. 2018 was a great year for fashion, expanding hand-in-hand with the overall social scene in California’s rising capital city. With the collaboration of local businesses on the rise, there is no telling where this expansion will end, but we look forward to seeing what the continued success has to bring for this booming industry.

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