Melissa Morgan

Melissa Morgan is internationally recognized as a premier harpist. Unsurpassed as a composer, Morgan’s talent and skills make her unique in the harp world, and an incredible addition to any public or private event. Her groundbreaking work in the therapeutic harp field has brought healing and solace to many in need, whether in the hospital or home. Eclectic, embracing the music of all kinds and cultures, Melissa and her music have won hearts all over the planet. Her music is used for healing, inspiration, meditation, creation, workouts, soothing children to sleep, massage, dance, and relaxation. Classically trained from an early age, Morgan expanded her repertoire to include jazz and pop. Her world travels stimulated a lifelong interest in world music, which can sometimes be heard in her many original compositions. Melissa Morgan has numerous recordings. Invocation to Isis broke new ground and became a New Age classic. Erin’s Harp was the first Irish harp album produced by an American in the Celtic revival of the 1980’s. Melissa helped create the wave that is popular in Ireland now, with harps joining in on the traditional tunes where once they were excluded or relegated to “harp songs” only.
Melissa has helped to put the harp back in its place as a leading edge, exciting, dynamic instrument. In the late DAS1970’s and early 1980’s, she joined Georgia Kelly in expanding harp compositions to create a whole genre that is now called New Age. Morgan followed in the footsteps of pioneer Alan Stivell in promoting and playing the Irish and Celtic harps, celebrating harps of all sizes. Morgan’s eclectic harp collection and repertoire include a Paraguayan harp and music influenced by Latin styles. Experimental music also graces Melissa’s resume; she collaborated with composer Michel Redolfi in Sonic Waters.
That concert was held at the UCSD swimming pool, literally underwater music. Morgan has collaborated with dancers, choreographers, other composers, artists, musicians, photographers, healers, and poets. She regularly performs with choreographer Julia Morgan, a sister in spirit. Melissa has played and recorded with jazz guitarist Peter Sprague, and the beautiful and talented singer/songwriter Deborah Liv Johnson. Morgan regularly plays with flutist Lori Bell, a Grammy nominee. As a teacher, Morgan inspires her students to do even better than their best. Melissa instructs the way she plays the harp, with fun and laughter, joy and determination. Melissa Morgan is an exceptional harpist and a remarkable person.

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