Brandon Schaefer

Brandon was born and raised in Biloxi, Mississippi, where he watched a lot of cartoons as a kid. At age 5 he started copying the illustrations on the VHS covers of his favorites such as Winnie the Pooh, Scooby Doo, and all the classic Disney characters. In 3rd grade he remembers many of his classmates asking him to draw characters for them, his favorite being the Tasmanian Devil from the front of a friend’s pocket folder. He drew this character so much that he was able to draw it from memory for many of his classmates. With the encouragement from his family and fellow classmates, he continued to pursue art throughout the rest of his schooling.
He now focuses most of his energy on reconnecting others with mother nature through my landscapes depicting trees, forests and dappled light. Since moving to California, he’s become quite interested in coastal redwoods and giant sequoias and painting these as a means of conservation and sharing their beauty and importance with others.

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