Warren ‘Stylez’ Harvey

Warren ‘Stylez’ Harvey was born and raised in South Kansas City, Missouri in 1987. The name ‘Stylez’ is an alias that came about as a way to describe his unique style. Stylez works predominantly as a painter, but includes photography, dance, poetry, and motivational speaking in his talents as well. He is a self-taught artist who has expressed an interest in the arts since a very young age. Stylez has had 5 successful art shows, and he has showcased his artwork at various events in the Kansas City area. His inspiration comes from within him, he allows his inner voice to guide every brush stroke- ultimately creating the artwork that you see today. Stylez creates his masterpieces to inspire and uplift himself and others. Using bright vibrant colors, he displays the creativity and beauty of The Creator. He lives by the mantra “I Am That, I Am.” He currently still lives and works in Kansas City, Missouri.

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