Ian Steinberg

Ian’s mother played piano while he was in the womb, which he claims is the foundation for his love of and ability in music. After six years of classical piano, Ian discovered the guitar and folk music at Windsor Mountain Summer Camp. This forged the foundation of Ian’s love for guitar, sing-alongs, storytelling, and acoustic music.
During his early teens, Ian began songwriting. While trite and emotional at the time, it was the beginning of the wonderful path that Ian still follows today. To continue developing his skills, Ian was educated on classical guitar and recording arts at The School of Music at Ithaca College, where he graduate in 2015.
Now in Oakland, California, Ian teamed up with Matthew Travers, a talented and diverse artist who supports Ian with his tasteful guitar and harmonies. Together, they are working to produce a new album of Ian’s songs for the fall. When playing together, their stylistic sensibilities mesh into a fun and inviting show where the audience is encouraged to sing, dance, and converse with the band.
Ian has released one EP titled “Folk Songs” and a slew of singles since the spring of 2017. One single, “Across the Bay,” was featured on The Indie Folx “Best of Indie Folk 2017” list.

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