Talent of The Month!



Josh Olsen

Josh Olsen started singing and songwriting at age 5. His mother was a singer and songwriter, and inspired him from

Lauren Vaughn

  Since returning to her home state of South Carolina, flutist Lauren Vaughn maintains a versatile career as a performer,

Alexander Zacharov

  when i started photography, a quote from Karl Lagerfeld (a german fashion designer) was branded into my mind: “what

Dr. Josh Wright

Billboard #1 artist Dr. Josh Wright has delighted audiences across the United States and in Europe. The Washington Post described


Soul Creed

  Soul Creed sees a mission, has a mission, and is on a mission. To create music that shaped these

The Brody Buster

  The Brody Buster Band is a Blues based Rock & Roll band out of Lawrence Kansas. Led by Brody

Beth Nybeck

Beth Nybeck received her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the University of Northern Iowa. She currently lives and works

Tiffany McCray

  With her flair for achieving a flawless face, lush lashes and the perfect eyes, Tiffany McCray is making a

David Taylor

  David Taylor is a Michigan native and entrepreneur with a passion and aptitude for the arts. Even before he

Mystery Loves Company

  Mystery Loves Company is a recording chamber rock ensemble from Houston, Texas. The dynamic pair of Madeline Herdeman, a

Shaun Michael

  Born in South Carolina, grew up in Georgia, and now in Texas. Shaun Michael brings a taste of his

Tori Guglielmi

  Charleston is rooted in sultry southern culture and home to Tori Guglielmi. Swayed by modern impressionism, Tori turns moods

Shota Nakajima

Chef Shota Nakajima transports Japanese comfort food with a fine dining point of view to Adana, merging his Japanese heritage